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Ongoing Projects

Decorative Background
B2B Ideasolutions

The B2B unit of IdeaSolutions that aims to offer the market technological services of Fan Engagement and Gamification currently works on a series of projects with brands and companies of national and international scope. The product Quiz Live already integrated within the app Mediaset Infinity and that allows users to participate in thematic Quizzes during the episodes of television programs, is going to be integrated in the app Leagues to stimulate their Fan Base during the downtime of the days of Serie A.

SuperGuidaTV - Un progetto di Ideasolutions

The SuperguidaTV team after launching in September 2023 the new version of the app "SuperGuidaTV 4.0", evolved in the editorial focus alone linear TV programming of Ondemand platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, and to have introduced new and important features such as loop navigation to TikTok, one click to streaming or machine learning engine that allows the app to suggest personalized content based on user preferences, is working on the introduction of social dynamics with the aim of stimulating even more the use of the app and allowing users to interact with each other.

Kyms - Un progetto Ideasolutions

The development team of Kyms is working to realize the new release of the app, which in addition to offering a completely new graphic design, will expand the possibilities of secure storage of photos, videos and documents by offering a cloud storage system that offers the usual level of confidentiality and security of the data stored by users.


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