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Real Estate

IdeaSolutions Holding: the engine of innovation and growth of the territory.

Can a digital software house invest in real estate? That’s exactly what we do.

In addition to our leadership in the technology sector, we invest strategically in the real estate of our beloved city, Naples. Our commitment goes beyond the mere enhancement of real estate: we aim to create new technological poles that catalyze local economic development and promote youth employment.

With a vision that integrates twenty years of experience in the world of apps and our dedication to innovation, we develop real estate projects that transform spaces into opportunities. IdeaSolutions Holding is the ideal partner for those looking for a unique approach to the enhancement of the territory, combining technology, real estate and sustainable growth.

If you are going to propose us a property or have an idea for the creation of a new technology center, we are here to listen. Click below and send us an email!

SuperGuidaTV - Un progetto di Ideasolutions

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IdeaSolutions Holding Credits

IdeaSolutions S.r.l.

P.Iva 04787231218

Via D. Cimarosa, 66

80127 Napoli (NA)

P.Iva 04787231218 - Via D.Cimarosa 66 - 80127 Napoli (NA) P.Iva 04787231218 - REA NA714158 - Capitale Sociale € 160.000,00 i.v.